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You know how a lot of places have all sorts of programs for you to download before you can actually get to the mp3's?...(WinMX, Rhapsody...) anyway, these few places have eliminated the middle man program, which makes it easier and faster for you to get to what you want...and cuts down on getting more below...

Okay, I stumbled upon a few different sites that allow you to download music....for free.  Its as simple as right click, save target as, and boom!  Plus, theres no way to get caught!  The two websites are.....
There you are.  It doesn't have as much choices as you would find, on say, WinMX, but you skip the whole "download a program to download music" step and just download it straight from the site.  It's easy, and as stated before, there is really no way to get caught!  Have fun!

Here's a sample of what I did on Beaterator (visit Web Sites page to find out more) in just a few minutes...just right click and save target as on the link.

T Pimpin - Bustin It Up

Lycos MP3 Search

Artist or Song Name:

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Also, I am looking very hard for an iPod 10GB (or up, as in 15GB, 20GB, 30GB, ect. ect.) MP3 Player. I do NOT want one of those iPod Shuffles, but it can be either 2nd, 3rd, or 4th generation iPod. It needs to be in working condition and needs to have atleast the USB/Firewire and the charger. I am willing to buy it for anywhere from $70 - $110. PLEASE let me know at  Thankyou.