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Halo Combat Evolved and Halo 2.....what more need I say?

Ah....Halo 1 & 2 are probably my favorite FPS of all time.  The fact that Halo 2 was noobified a bit (see here.... in all, Halo 2 is still a great game. 
On another note, I bet everyone who is reading this has heard of shook can find his 3rd and best montage here...( the last post from shook on3 himself on the page....the vid takes about an hour to download, depending on your computer, but the ten minute vid is deffinately awesome!  A must watch for ANY Halo 2 fan, newbie or expert.
Another great montage, FrozenNightmare can be found here for download at(  Take my word, it is deffinately worth downloading.  I have seen it several times and I think it an awesome montage, and it's only his FIRST one...I can't wait to see what's next!

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Also, I am looking very hard for an iPod 10GB (or up, as in 15GB, 20GB, 30GB, ect. ect.) MP3 Player. I do NOT want one of those iPod Shuffles, but it can be either 2nd, 3rd, or 4th generation iPod. It needs to be in working condition and needs to have atleast the USB/Firewire and the charger. I am willing to buy it for anywhere from $70 - $110. PLEASE let me know at  Thankyou.