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Hello Internet Adventurer, welcome to!

I am moving the site to another location, one with more freedom.  No need to worry, the other website will look almost exactly like this.  I will leave this site in operation, but if you want updated stuff, you will need to go to the other site, because I will not be updating this one.  The OTHER site is

Also, check out the forum at

You have just stumbled upon Owning The Game.  On this site, I will try to give you info on the coolest games, music, and I will also have some downloadable media (I am VERY limited because I only get so much for having a "free site".)  So explore a little, and have fun!

Also, check out the forum at


Contact me at and give me your input!
Also, I am looking very hard for an iPod 10GB (or up, as in 15GB, 20GB, 30GB, ect. ect.) MP3 Player. I do NOT want one of those iPod Shuffles, but it can be either 2nd, 3rd, or 4th generation iPod. It needs to be in working condition and needs to have atleast the USB/Firewire and the charger. I am willing to buy it for anywhere from $70 - $110. PLEASE let me know at  Thankyou.